Bunsen Thermodynamic Solar Panel System


The Bunsen Dual Panel Thermodynamic Solar Panel System is an ERP A Rated Solar Panel System that provides 100% of hot water requirements 365 days per year in all weather conditions.This system can be retro fitted to all insulated hot water cylinders. The Bunsen Thermodynamic Solar Panel System consists of:

  1. 2 x Thermodynamic Solar Panels
  2. Roof Fixing Brackets
  3. Bunsen Thermodynamic Heat Pump Unit
  4. Free Delivery with this purchase.

Comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee.


The Bunsen Thermodynamic Solar Panel System (also known as a Solar Assisted Heat Pump) is an ERP A rated Solar Panel System that provides 100% of your hot water requirements, 365 days per year, in all weather conditions. The Bunsen Air Unit is a small Thermodynamic Unit that uses two solar collector panels to transfer the FREE energy from the air and outside weather in order to generate energy in the form of heat. This energy is then transferred from your Thermodynamic Unit to your domestic hot water system.

The Bunsen Thermodynamic Solar Panel components are all specified for efficiency and is ERP A rated, ensuring the Bunsen Thermodynamic Solar Panel is a very low energy system which can provide all of your domestic hot water needs all year round. The Intelligent Controller Functions give you easy options to more advanced settings for operating your Bunsen Air unit and increasing the efficiency of you hot water system.

Installation of Thermodynamic Solar Panel

Installation and/or Commissioning service available from our fully trained and qualified team of installers as an extra option when purchasing. Please click on the below link after adding this item to your cart to enquire.